Trump signals significant shift on guns

Fantastic Find In Israel: Proof Of The Prophet Isaiah's Existence

9 things to know about Billy Graham (1918–2018)

A life in pictures

13 presidents he ministered to

Piper's tribute

Wokest headlines

Libs turn on Obama after tweet...

Delaware may let students as young as 5 ‘choose’ their race, gender without parental consent

Judge Who Removed Trans Teen From Parents Highlights What’s At Stake

Why Transgenderism Threatens Parental Rights

The public school trans catechism marches on

A slaughter of Christians in Nigeria goes unreported

70-year-old man first to be arrested under Ontario’s new ban on pro-life speech

ID lawmaker not sorry for telling activists 'abortion is murder'

Ethics complaint filed...

NY Attorney General’s Office Runs Fake Facebook Profile to Spy on, Entrap Pro-Life Advocates

IN Woman Charged With Feticide, Involuntary Manslaughter for Taking Meth While Pregnant

Babies Born to Unmarried Women: MS. 53.2%; LA 52%; NM 51.1%...

Purdue: ‘Avoid’ Words with ‘Man’ in Them

Armed Deputy Waited Outside FL School During Massacre, Did Not Engage Shooter

Sheriff: 'I am devastated. Sick to my stomach. He never went in.'

Officer resigns...

2 other cops placed on restrictive duty for probe into whether they 'should’ve done more'

FL shooting survivor: CNN gave me 'scripted' town hall questions

CNN crowd cheers wildly at idea of banning 'every semiauto rifle in America'

Trump Administration Turns Away Dozens of Iranian Christians Fleeing Persecution

Judge Rules Hospital Can Shut Off Toddler Alfie Evans’ Life Support, Despite Parents’ Pleas

'My son is two years of age, and he's been sentenced to the death penalty'

'Christian symbolism' taken out of WI classroom after 'fuming' atheist father gets lawyers involved

Singapore megachurch leader caught trying to flee country in boat before prison stint

MI church receives death threats for biblical sexuality workshop

'Every member of Antifa will show up armed and ready'

The worst addiction epidemic in U.S. history

USA Today surveys women in Hollywood: 94% have experienced sexual harassment or assault

#MeToo Ignores an Obvious Source of Sexual Aggression: PORN

Porn Declared Public Health Crisis In FL

Three-Quarters of Young Americans Don’t Qualify for Military Service

Like 'worst slums in world': SF streets lined with drug needles, garbage, feces

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