Over 300 'Predator Priests' Listed in PA Grand Jury Report on Sexual Abuse

More Than 1,000 Child Victims Identified -- Jurors Believe Actual Number Much Higher

'Systematic cover-up by senior church officials in PA and at Vatican'

'They protected their institution at all costs'

'Children were taught that this was not only normal, but holy'

Unspeakable Details

Christian Baker Jack Phillips Again Under Fire -- Despite Supreme Court Win -- for Refusing Trans Cake

Turkey rejects appeal for Brunson's release from detention

Increases tariffs on some U.S. goods, escalating feud...

Omarosa Lobs Another One at Trump

President Calls Her 'Dog'

Trump Campaign Files Arbitration for Violating NDA, Seeks 'Millions'

Taliban blindsides U.S. forces with surprise Afghan offensive

Group demands investigation of Air Force brig. gen. for running Christian website

Report: Facebook Exec Says Zuckerberg 'Doesn't Care' About Publishers

Zuck: Go against Facebook and 'I’ll be holding your hands with your dying business like in a hospice'

Al Gore: Trump has had 'less impact so far than I feared' on environment

Evangelicals Must Be More Suspicious of Unaccountable Celebrity Pastors: Theologian

U of Iowa reinstates religious groups following lawsuit by Christian student group

End the Double Standards in Reporting Political Violence

VT Dems Nominate Trans Candidate for Governor

Chelsea Clinton: Roe 'Added $3.5 Trillion to Our Economy'

Dems ditch 'when they go low, we go high'

Gallup Poll: More Dems Have Favorable View of Socialism Than Capitalism!

The Fiscal Implausibility of 'Medicare for All'...

Britain’s Inability to Handle Last Year’s Flu Season Shows Perils of Socialized Medicine

AP Investigation: Google Tracks Your Movements -- Even When You Explicitly Tell It Not To

Twitter Suspends Alex Jones

FBI fires Strzok over anti-Trump texts

Saddleback Church Becomes First in U.S. to Baptize 50,000 People

U.S. Congress Urges India’s PM to Condemn Attacks on Christians

England NHS Faces Lawsuit for Not Funding Fertility Services for Transgenders Who Want Kids

U.K.: White, male senior profs to be given 'reverse mentors' to teach them about 'unconscious bias'

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