Stop letting Facebook and Google dictate which news and opinions you are allowed to see.

The majority of people get their news from social networks. We rely on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, YouTube, etc. to such a degree that we allow them to decide what content we consume, what issues we consider important, what news is news, what is and is not allowed to be said, what's true and what's not.

These companies shape the way our brains think by controlling what our eyes see every day. When we search for something on Google, it’s Google that decides the results. When we go on Facebook, it's Facebook that decides what news and content we see. When we go on Twitter, we only see what they have permitted us to see. Objectivity is an illusion.

Now they increasingly shut down content that they don't approve of. At their own discretion, by their own definitions and values. Facebook and Google have practical monopolies on referral traffic, search, and advertising, and they ban or starve content and publishers that they dislike.

We have given them extreme power over the flow of information. For a few companies to have the power to control the way billions of people think is terrifying and dangerous. It is unacceptable.

As they gobble up the internet, Facebook and Google are creating a world in which information, before it is allowed to reach us, is first filtered through them. Thus, their worldview is propagated, to the detriment of all others.

These companies are increasingly hostile toward Christian content and information. This will only get worse as time goes by. It will not get better.

Put all of this together and imagine the internet 20 years from now.

The Christian Daily Reporter is a source for the most important news and content from a Christian perspective -- and it lives outside the tech-giant information choke hold.

CDR is not on any social media network, and never will be. We refuse to be beholden to the internet content gatekeepers. While most publishers base all of their operations around appeasing the "search and social gods" -- from their website design to their content -- CDR is intentionally not optimized for Facebook or Google. We don’t care about social media or search referrals. CDR is 100% independent and always will be.

In the spirit of the Drudge Report, the Christian Daily Reporter is a refreshingly simple web page, devoid of noise, detached from trends.

We focus only on delivering what you need to know, every day. And if you want to read the Christian Daily Reporter, you have to come to directly. Instead of only visiting when Facebook or Google tell you that you may.

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