Asia Bibi Granted Asylum in Canada

1/31/2019 International Christian Concern -- Asia Bibi, a Christian woman formerly on death row in Pakistan for allegedly committing blasphemy, is finally free to leave Pakistan and join her family who have received asylum in Canada. This news comes days after Bibi’s acquittal was upheld by Pakistan’s Supreme Court.

Speaking to Arab News on Wednesday, Bibi’s lawyer, Siaf-Ul-Malook, confirmed his client would soon depart for Canada. “She will fly to Canada very soon to join her daughters who are already there. Yes, Canada has offered them asylum.”

Bibi’s daughters secretly left Pakistan in December after being offered asylum by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. With Bibi finally free to leave Pakistan, it is likely the family will soon be reunited.

On October 31, 2018, Pakistan’s Supreme Court acquitted Bibi of the blasphemy charges that had kept her on death row for nearly a decade. The court claimed that there was ultimately not enough evidence to convict Bibi.

Following the announcement of the acquittal, religious hardliners in Pakistan took the streets in a nationwide protest. For three days, the country was brought to a virtual standstill.

To appease the protesters, Pakistan’s government agreed to review the decision to acquit Bibi and keep her in Pakistan until this review was complete. On Tuesday, January 29, the Supreme Court upheld the decision to acquit Bibi, again citing a lack of evidence.

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