Instagram Removed My Pro-Life Comic as 'Hate Speech'

4/10/2019 Adam Ford -- A week and a half ago I posted a comic I made about abortion to Instagram (the full comic is below).

I rarely use Instagram, so after checking the post maybe once or twice that same day, I forgot about it. Well, I opened the IG app again for the first time since the day I posted the comic, and was greeted with this:

Instagram yanked it as "hate speech."

Here we go again!

Please, read the entire comic and try to ponder how in the world it could be considered "hate speech." Here it is exactly as I posted it, frame by frame, to Instagram:

I am hardly the first person to espouse the belief (and hope) that one day society will look back on abortion with the same mortified disbelief we now have when we consider our country's history of institutionalized chattel slavery. Millions and millions of pro-life Americans -- of all races -- see the heartbreaking similarities between abortion-on-demand and the forced enslavement of human beings.

There is no way any human being could believe my comic is promoting slavery, since the two women talking are clearly identified as living 200 years ago, and the woman on the right is clearly the "bad guy."

Does Instagram consider it "hate speech" to contend for the humanity and personhood of the unborn?

If I had published the exact same comic, but instead used it to promote abortion (i.e. "without abortion rights, women cannot attain full equal personhood" -- an argument used on the left), would it have been removed as "hate speech"?

I think we all know the answer to that.

* * * * *

UPDATE: It appears my post has been reinstated. I have heard nothing from Instagram, but the comic is back on my account.

* * * * *

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