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Facebook Drops Another Algo-Bomb Snuffing 'Borderline' Content, Pages, Groups

Posts That Don’t Qualify as Hate Speech -- but That Facebook Decides Are 'Still Offensive' -- to Be Choked

'Household profiles': Facebook files patent to use your family photos to target ads

Delay, Deny, Deflect: A Revealing NYT Investigation Into Facebook's Crisis Management

Schumer and Zuckerberg scratch each other's backs...

Zuck: 'I have tremendous respect for George Soros'

On oppo research: 'We didn't know!'

Facebook removed over 1.5 BILLION fake accounts in last six months

Florida orders first ever statewide hand-recounts as legal fights continue

Death toll reaches 63 in California's Camp Fire -- 631 unaccounted for

Dem Civil War Over Pelosi Speakership...

Identity Politics Throwdown!

'Fight' is buzzword for 2020 Dems

Pope's disapproval rating has TRIPLED among American Catholics since 2015

'What do people make of our silence?' Catholic bishops' meeting ends with no vote on abuse plan

Thousands of Catholics, including McCarrick victim, protested outside conference

Poll: 72 percent say media ‘dividing Americans,’ spreading ‘hate’

Half of the post-millennial generation is non-white

Ohio House again passes Kasich-vetoed 'heartbeat bill' abortion ban

Room packed, views clash as trial over Kentucky D&E abortion law begins

Election consequences: Dems take control of NY Legislature, all but guaranteeing legalization of late-term abortion

Men are saying they’re women to get cushier prison sentences -- and female prisoners pay the price

Twitter Says Well-Known Feminist Violated Rules By Saying Men Are Not Women [language]

Michigan College Cancels ‘The Vagina Monologues’ Because ‘Not All Women Have Vaginas’

Christian Alternative to Boy Scouts Sees Boost Amid Gender Madness

Bernie calls Trump 'racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, religious bigot'

Kamala Harris compares ICE to KKK, gets slammed for 'disgusting,' 'horrifying' remarks

Trump's conservative media comfort trap

McConnell, Flake clash over protecting Mueller probe

Trump administration sanctions 17 Saudis over Khashoggi killing

Avenatti Arrested on Felony Domestic Violence Charges [language]

Another one of Instagram's original 13 employees deletes her account

FDA restricts sales of most flavored e-cigarettes to curb 'astonishing' surge in teen vaping

DNC CEO: I Do Not Know How to Pay for 'Medicare for All'

Left wants a vote once Dems in control of House

Bernie rolls out ‘Stop WALMART Act’ to force $15/hr wage, cap CEO's pay

Ocasio-Cortez's rise reveals rampant economic illiteracy in US

Migrant caravan groups arrive by hundreds at US border

People with Down syndrome ‘endangered’

FFRF Jihadis Sue Wisconsin Attorney General for Limiting Chaplaincy Program to Clergy

Megachurch Pastor Victor Couzens Wanted for Aggravated Harassment, NYPD Confirms

Liberty University official arrested on charges including attempted murder, assault

Harvest Bible Chapel's Chief Information Officer Allegedly Stole $270K

The Lost Boys...

NJ Couple and Homeless Man Who Raised $400K on GoFundMe Accused of Making Up Story


Ohio State Protesters Chant ‘John McCain’s Dead!’ Outside Ben Shapiro Lecture

LeBron James Passes Wilt Chamberlain for 5th on NBA All-Time Scoring List

Trump administration defends its case against CNN’s Acosta

The Dan Crenshaw Moment: An Act of Grace Heard 'Round the Nation

Berkeley Student Senator Faces Pressure to Resign After Standing for Biblical View of Gender

Fordham U. Political Science Dept Votes Unanimously to Mandate Use of Students’ ‘Preferred Pronouns’

As religious freedom law turns 25, vast majority of Dems oppose what Bill Clinton signed into law

Climate Scientists Discover Error in Major Ocean-Warming Study

Rasmussen: Voters See Better Chance for Trump Reelection

D.C. schools to allow students to enroll as 'non-binary'

Sarasota School District apologizes for 'inappropriate' Planned Parenthood video about 'sexual consent' shown to students

Featured gay men and women making out; parents not notified in advance

Céline Dion Launches New Gender-Neutral Clothing Line for Children with Bizarre, Creepy Ad

Prenatal Surgery Exposes Abortion for What It Really Is...

Non-breathing premature baby revived by Oakland police officer

Israeli Defense Minister quits over cease-fire with Hamas, calling it 'surrender to terrorism'

The 99-year-old who asked for a new heart


Bernie to introduce bill to force Walmart to pay $15 minimum wage

Facebook hired PR firm that wrote negative articles about rivals Apple, Google

Florida recount battle, complicated by overheating machines, heads back to court...

Report: Dem Organizer Called Voters to Fix Rejected Mail-In Ballots after Election Day

‘Irregularity After Irregularity’: Rubio Blasts Broward County Officials

El Chapo trial: Brooklyn Bridge to shut down twice per week for commute from jail to court

U.S. faces worst national security crisis in decades, commission warns

Planned Parenthood President Says Organization Is All ‘About Saving People’s Lives’

Fox News backs CNN in lawsuit against Trump White House over Acosta press pass

Christians Dragged Out of Cars and Beaten, Haunted With Fear as Asia Bibi Case Tears Pakistan Apart

Historic class storms Capitol...

Man banned from Walt Disney World after waving Trump 2020 banner while on ride

Harvard hosts New England Marxism Conference

Opening talk: 'We need confrontation. We need struggle. We need to take down the Trump Administration.'

At least 108 people wounded in Israel in two days of rocket fire

Renegade Episcopal bishop bans gay marriages in his diocese

Facebook reportedly fired exec Palmer Luckey over Trump support

Internal emails indicate Zuckerberg himself drafted Luckey’s apology statement

Zuck refuses to appear before 'international grand committee' investigating Facebook

Ministry Posts 'Only Men May be Pastors,' Instagram Deletes It as 'Hate Speech'

Charleston, SC church apologizes for its part in slavery

Axios poll: 61% of Dems see Republicans as 'racist/bigoted/sexist'

Fox News Personality Kat Timpf Chased Out of Brooklyn Bar

'Fantastic Beasts 2' Will Have Two Gay Characters, ‘Sensual’ Scenes, Director Says

Surprise! Vatican orders US bishops to delay taking action on sexual abuse crisis

'How Will We Explain This?' US Bishops Shocked, Disappointed as Pope Francis Stonewalls

'Power Play'...

Pope sends shots? 'Gossipers are terrorists'

Pray for California: 56 Dead as Search for Missing Continues

9,000 Firefighters Battle Blazes


More races go to Dems, including Senate seat in Arizona

Sinema America's first openly bisexual senator

'Spiritual first responders' hit the streets amid opioid crisis

After 17 years, many Afghans blame US for unending war; conspiracy theories abound

CNN sues Trump administration over pulling Acosta press pass

UK firms ready to microchip thousands of employees

Florida: Jeb Bush calls for removal of Broward County elections supervisor he appointed

Pope Francis: Chief Threats to World Are Nuclear War, ‘Climate Change’

French govt to monitor social media for taxpayers 'living beyond their means'

CBS: Here come new Mueller indictments...

The Internal Fight That's Splitting the SBC

'Hillary 4.0': Former Clinton adviser says she's running in 2020

To reinvent herself as 'liberal firebrand'

Beto 2020 Calls Multiply Among Dems

Fox News Boycotts Twitter for Allowing Tucker Carlson's Home Address to Stay Posted

Lesbians Who Filed Complaint Against Baker for Not Making Wedding Cake Wore Hidden Microphones: Report

Scotland Becomes First Country to Require Schools to Teach LGBTETC Curriculum

Democrat hit list: At least 85 Trump investigation targets...

Dems to probe Trump for targeting CNN, Washington Post

United Church of Canada minister to remain ordained -- despite being an atheist!

David Powlison Has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Israel, Hamas trade heavy fire after deadly incursion

Hamas threatens to step up attacks

42 dead in California wildfire, making it deadliest in state history

Matt Walsh to Speak at Baltimore Rally, Says 'Gloves Are Off'


Fresh concerns raised over safety of Asia Bibi...

100,000 sign petition demanding Pakistani PM help her get out of country

US analysts locate secret North Korean missile sites

Stan Lee, legendary Marvel superheroes creator, dead at 95

Christian UC-Berkeley student senator pressured to resign over belief gender is biological

CNN gearing up to sue over Jim Acosta's suspended White House press pass

Tucker Carlson, Michael Avenatti go to war over country club incident [language]

Incredible story of LGBTETC totalitarianism out of California: 'Bartleby the Bigot'

'It’s a Miracle and That Is the Way God Planned It': Christian's Brain Tumor Vanishes, Baffling Docs

Macron rips nationalism as Trump looks on: 'Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism'

Florida recount doubt: Palm Beach election overseer says Thursday's deadline is 'impossible' to meet

Man, 78, survives bear attack by punching it in nose

Dan Crenshaw started the week as a punchline and ended it as a star -- the real story came before that

Pelosi says gun control a priority of Dem-controlled House

'I'm trapped': First ripples forecast coming tsunami of trans surgery regret

Humanists in the UK Attack Operation Christmas Child

Almost unbelievable: Creepiest pro-abortion ad ever?

Chip and Joanna Gaines returning to TV with their own network

The Welfare Generation: 51.7% US Kids in 2017 Lived in Households Getting Govt Assistance

Microsoft president: Regulate facial recognition tech before ‘the year 2024 looks like the book '1984''


Florida Senate, gubernatorial races head to recounts; Trump rages

Andrew Gillum 'withdraws concession'

Gillum, Nelson Lawyers Argue for Non-Citizen's Vote to Count?

Mystery Box Controversy...

Widespread Pushback After Judah Smith Debuts 'App Church'

Trump involved in 'nearly every step' of hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal: WSJ

Christian veteran, 92, took his last stand defending his wife

UK won't offer asylum to Asia Bibi for fear of Muslim backlash

'Remarkable' global decline in number of children women are having; half of countries now facing 'baby bust'

Trump tax returns as key part of agenda

Jeff Flake floats GOP primary run against Trump: 'Somebody needs to run'

2020 run brewing? Ex-Starbucks CEO Schultz hires McCain campaign manager

India: 10 years after riots, innocent Christians still suffer, wait for justice

GOP Elects First Korean American Woman To Congress -- But You Wouldn’t Know It!

Limiting Social Media Significantly Decreases Depression, Loneliness: Study

Facebook patent hints at creepy new feature...

Portal is now on sale -- but will anyone let Zuckerberg’s cameras into their home?

Google Search Says Republican Women Are ‘Enablers’

Man wearing 'I ❤️ Jesus' hat breaks into VA church, rips up Bibles, spray-paints walls, smashes glass window

Venezuelans butcher vet school's horses for meat

Soy baby formula linked to severe menstrual cramps later in life

Astonishing footage of terrifying drive to safety in California wildfires

Death toll rises in California wildfires


Creflo Dollar offers new Bible study -- for $19/month

Judge Orders Broward Election Official to Immediately Release Records

Indictments? Final Report? With Midterms Over, White House Braces for Mueller...

69-Year-Old Dutch Man Sues to Have Age Lowered by 20 Years

'You can change your name and gender -- why can't I decide my own age?

Male Trans Files Human Rights Complaints Against 16 Women For Refusing To Wax His Genitalia

Ocasio-Cortez goes full 'abolish ICE' in victory speech

Maxine Waters will soon wield gavel in feud with White House

Leftist mob chants threats outside Tucker Carlson’s DC home

Guam's Catholic church to file for bankruptcy amid $115M in lawsuits -- and avoid trials

5 nations now demanding Zuckerberg testify on Facebook's data misuse

Alyssa Milano won’t speak at Women’s March unless organizers condemn Louis Farrakhan

Gavin Newsom plans to go further on gun control in CA than Jerry Brown...

Denver Nuggets center fined $25,000 for saying 'no homo'

New Study Bible alert: CSB Baker Illustrated

Shall we hand them another $500M? Planned Parenthood blows $1.5M in failed AL election efforts

California bar killer stopped shooting to post to IG during rampage

Church worker among his victims

'Multiple men' positioned themselves between shooter and patrons, 'ready to take a bullet' to save others

City was ranked third-safest in US before shooting


Ballot mixup puts more heat on Broward elections official as key Florida races remain unresolved

University of Texas-Austin sexuality course ditches 'men' and 'women' for ‘people with penises’ and ‘people with vaginas’

Asia Bibi Released From Prison; With Family in Pakistan Under Heavy Security; Expected to Be Granted Asylum in Europe

'Preparing for Violent Protests With Christians as Targets'

Gunmen abduct four priests in Nigeria

Trump Snaps at CNN's Jim Acosta During Presser: 'You Are a Rude, Terrible Person'

White House suspends his press pass for 'placing his hands on young woman' trying to take mic

Sarah Sanders posts slo-mo video defending decision

Was it doctored?

Rick Scott Prevails in FL, Judge Orders Broward Election Official to Immediately Release Records

Southern Baptist Position on Alcohol Shifting?

Possible recounts loom in tight Florida gov, Senate contests...

Rubio warns Dems trying to steal Senate seat

Republican women who made history this election...

Update: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg out of hospital after fall

Breaks front door as terrified wife locks herself in pantry

'You are not safe'

'We will fight! We know where you sleep at night!'

Claims age causes discrimination; not 'comfortable' with date of birth


After Man-Eating Tiger Is Killed in India, a Backlash Against the Hunters'

Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over trademark as boys welcome girls 😐

Ontario Baptist church under fire for lovingly exercising church discipline against practicing homosexual

Asia Bibi just one of countless victims of Muslim blasphemy laws

79 kidnapped Cameroon Presbyterian schoolchildren freed, says church official

Mark Zuckerberg declines UK, Canada requests to answer questions about fake news and data privacy on Facebook

Election 2016: Dems Take House, Republicans Keep Senate

House Gains 'Squarely in Line With Historic Norms'

Shades of 2016 as Poll Predictions Fail

Alabama Approves Amendment Saying Unborn Babies Have 'Right to Life'

Also authorizes display of Ten Commandments on state property

West Virginia Approves Amendment Saying There is No Right to Abortion

8 Rules for Social Media

Challies reviews Jackie Hill Perry's 'Gay Girl, Good God'

Dems' top choice of potential 2020 Dems: 'None of the above'

Michael Moore: 'We will lose in 2020' with Spartacus, Kamala; must run 'beloved American' like Michelle O


Landmark study shows homosexuality strongly linked to Catholic clergy child sex abuse

IL AG Sues Christian Bed & Breakfast Owner for Refusing to Pay $30K to Men Denied Same-Sex Ceremony on Property

Christian Women’s Shelter Under Investigation Following Complaint From Man Who Identifies as Woman

Public university sued for threatening professor who refused to call male student ‘Miss’

Trump Honors Black Civil War Soldiers With His First National Monument

Fattest states in America 2018

Jeff Sessions Resigns as Attorney General at Trump’s Request

Ocasio-Cortez on ‘puzzling’ question of how to fund Medicare for All: ‘You just pay for it’

ELCA pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber says porn is fine, especially if it’s ‘ethically sourced’ [language]

Asia Bibi still languishing in Pakistani jail a week after death sentence overturned

Family begs for help, says can't leave house, has nothing to eat

Italy says it will help...

Footage Shows Pakistani Children Being Taught How to Hang Accused

Proposed NY Bill Would Make Gun Buyers Submit to Social Media, Search History Checks

How the Right Still Dominates Political Meme Warfare

Hope for a homeless man: One woman’s providential visit to her brother in L.A.

Michigan becomes 10th state to legalize marijuana

Beto Drops F-Bomb on Live TV During Concession Speech, Crowd Goes Wild

Americans ask Google who to vote for...

Oregon Votes for Tax-Funded Abortions Up to Birth After Planned Parenthood Spends Millions

'Anti-discrimination': Massachusetts votes for right to choose public restrooms based on 'gender identity'

First Muslim women elected to Congress

...and one of them is really not a fan of Israel

Trans candidate Hallquist loses Vermont governor race

Taylor Swift's Dem Blown Out in Tennessee

First openly gay man elected governor

Kim Davis, Kentucky clerk who refused to issue gay marriage licenses, loses re-election bid

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becomes youngest woman elected to Congress

Those tax returns tho...





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